A B O U T    

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I pulled this page back to a draft because I wanted to a write few lines that would actually have some meaning and be a good reflection on who I am and what I am trying to do here...But here we are months later. It hit me only recently that this is a personal space and that it's, well, kind of rude to invite people to come and visit and then not show up. And many people came without not getting to know the host. Sorry!!
I guess that procrastination came from my feeling of not being sure of what I was really doing. I never had a master plan to do something with these pages. I was simply unsettled and a bit down when I started the blog and probably looking for some sort of fulfilment and since I constantly had that nagging urge to go to the kitchen and bake, my daughter convinced me that blogging while baking might be the right move forward for me. I kept baking and blogging and photography, as with many before me, became a big part of the story and this journey, growing steadily with every post I made. And I suppose that is what defines passion - an urge to do something and I suppose that that is exactly what I am trying to do here - share my passion with all of you curious people who are kind enough to stop by. Some time ago I had another passion - writing. I was a journalist, but through the course of events in the country I call mine, it subsided somewhere so deep that I was not able to find it for a long time.. But luckily my eagerness for baking and new found interests in photography and blogging sort of brought out that first passion of mine by default. I don't think that we've fully reconnected yet, but I am happy to welcome a slow come-back of a long lost enjoyment, (that occasionally turns into a frustration of writing in a foreign language) in my life..
I come from the Balkans, Serbia is my native country and I feel equally at home with Austrian Strudel, Hungarian Dobos Torte and Turkish baklava, but my aim is to get that feeling in as many other places in the world as possible. I also have a special knack for unusual and a bit extraordinary bakes, things that are sometimes more of a subject of interest for a food historians than bakers. That's why I keep exploring and seeing the world and people through their food.
I live in, lately a very rainy, London which I adore and call my home, but take every opportunity to go and see the places I experienced through their food!!
I am glad that you are here.
Thanks for stopping by!