Carob and Hot Chocolate Bundt Cake #Bundtbakers


Carob,once very popular in Southern and Eastern Europe for making hot drinks, tray bakes and cakes is, to my delight, making a comeback and bringing with it a pleasant nostalgia for places and people from my childhood that I am very fond of.  
It's most commonly used as coarse or fine ground powder, very often as a chocolate substitute, and in baking combined with apples to balance out it's powerful taste. When Tara, from Noshing With The Nolandsour, our #BundtBakers host for November, set us with a challenge of baking with hot chocolate, I thought that it would be a great opportunity to try to bake with those "two chocolates". I also wanted to add a balancing flavour, but since the apples didn't seem to be the right choice, I opted for oranges thinking that they would compliment well both the carob and chocolate.  Good! Everything blended just the way we like it.

Carob and Hot Chocolate Bundt Cake

Recipe adapted from Vali Voli Torte

225g 0 type flour
2tsp baking powder
110 g ground carob
1/2 tsp cinnamon 
1 bag orange flavoured vanilla sugar
zest of 1 orange
80 g butter
120ml honey
80 ml milk
20 g 100%  cacao chunks
6 eggs

Combine the dry ingredients,  and separately mix egg yolks, butter and honey. Put the orange zest, vanilla  and hot chocolate cacao in a pan with milk and let it melt and infuse over low heat,  allow  to cool down and pour into a honey mixture. Add the dry ingredients, then mix with beaten egg whites.
Bake for  about 45 minutes on 180C .

Cover with chocolate glaze or dust with  icing sugar.

Carob tree - Picture courtesy of Holidays in Komiza 
please visit  the page if you would like to find out more about this amazing fruit

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  1. What a beautiful cake and love the flavor combination you created - very intriguing!

  2. What a gorgeous looking cake and that tree looks like something out of Harry Potter, so cool!!

  3. I have never worked with have inspired me.

  4. I have just been given a bar of carob from Sicily. I had no idea what it really was, or what to do with it. This is so interesting and thanks for the link to more information, I had no idea it was a fruit.

    This is a lovely looking Bundt, thanks for teaching me a thing or two. x

  5. Odlično izgleda, maoja sestra obožava rogač ovo će biti baš za nju.

  6. Your post is very interesting and your cake looks wonderful. I can imagine the flavours you chose worked wonderfully together. Laura@ Baking in Pyjamas

  7. Rogac i ja do skoro nismo bili na istoj talasnoj duzini, dok nisam isprobala kombinaciju sa jabukama. Dopada mi se i ova tvoja verzija, mami na isprobavanje :)))

  8. Jako volim rogač. I u kolačima, ali i ovako, da grickam mahunu. Uvek ih donesemo sa mora, pa posle grickamo po malo... :)

  9. Uh, cimet, pomorandza, med, pa jos rogac, pravi kolacic za ususkavanje i uzivanje u hladnim zimskim danima.:)))

  10. Spectacular Bundt cake! Also love your choice of carob, you are the only one this month :-) I used to eat a lot of carob when I still lived in Holland (now I live in Spain ;-) ), I always loved the flavour. We have carob trees here too, so I am certainly going to try your recipe, inspired by the trees and you ;-) See you again next month! Lara Tartacadabra

  11. Deliciously moist cake you have it there..

  12. Your cake is so beautifully done!