Easter Eggs


It's Orthodox Easter this coming Sunday

Most of our Western friends are still "struggling" with their chocolate Easter eggs, but luckily we only have one to go before we bring these "real", coloured eggs to the table, in the spirit of traditional Easter celebration from the Orthodox Church (Serbian Orthodox Church in my case).

If you celebrate Easter this coming Sunday and still haven't coloured your eggs, here are some ideas that you may like and use as inspiration to have fun.

I used various techniques almost without any planning ahead. The night before I cut some motives from paper serviettes for my little decoupage, took a few stickers and a piece of old lace curtain out.

In the morning after slowly boiling the eggs (to make sure they don't crack), I decided to use some natural colourings as well as food grade powder colours. I had hibiscus tea at hand, so I wrapped a couple of eggs in lace and dipped into sieved hibiscus tea, leftt it there for a half an hour or so, then hanged to drip and dry.  The greyish coloured eggs came from the water where blueberries were boiled.

If you use raffia and are bored with the same old natural colour, dip few string into the colour of your choice, let it sit for 30 minutes, then dry before use.

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