Apple Vinegar Folds


This recipe is a text book example of how to create something rather exceptional using just a few basic ingredients. It's very rich as it contains a high percentage of butter, but also so very delicate in texture thanks to a couple of spoons of apple vinegar that help to tenderize the dough. Vinegar is often used to make a pie crust flaky, but in smaller amounts I would say. Here, you can actually very gently taste the apple vinegar acid(and that is why it's important to use apple vinegar) but in a way that only adds to the flavour and goes particularly well with plum jam (although I tried and liked apricot as well).
For best results the dough should remain refrigerated overnight.

Apple Vinegar Folds

makes around 30 

300 g plain flour
250 g butter
2 tbsp apple vinegar
3-4 tbsp water

Small jar of the best quality plum jam you can get, or make (must not be runny)

All ingredients need to be very cold, mix them by fork or in a food-processor into a smooth dough, wrap it in a cling film, then refrigerate overnight.

Roll the dough thinly. Cut into 8 x 8 centimetre squares, place small spoonfuls (teaspoon size) into one of the corners of the squares and roll (see picture below). Bake at 180C (350F) for about 15-20 minutes or until a nice, pale golden brown.

Dust with icing sugar once cooled.

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