Cranberry Lemon Bundt Cake #BundtBakers


I'd spent the morning staring anxiously at some pictures of 'Girl Scout Cookies'. "Meet the cookies" it said on the page and for me it was literally that, my first Girl Scout Cookies experience. Never saw them, never tried them before, but despite that I had the task before me to bake a bundt cake inspired by the famous cookies, set by this months #BundtBakers hostess Kelly from Passion Kneaded,  
I had no idea what to do, so I just pulled the Scarlet O'Hara move -"I'll think about it tomorrow!" Twenty tomorrows later I met with the cookies again and as I didn't know what else to do, I started the elimination process. Eventually it went down to two, not bad! It would be wonderful to bake a gluten free cake. I'd never done it before and as it happens I brought some flaxseed flour back from my trip to Serbia. 

The cake turned out lovely and I was so pleased that I choose to bake it in a small mould I picked up at the local market recently. Pictures done - beautiful, rustic look! I was so proud. Then, I cut a slice to taste it and I had only one word to describe it - mud! After I carefully looked around to make sure that no one was watching I pressed a pedal. The bin was so happy to have it.
Now what?

I was left with the remaining citrus and cranberry cookie. I didn't have any problem other than it sounded so boring. Must be a way of sprucing up the idea and making the cake interesting. After many what ifs I came up with an idea of using an unorthodox approach to bundt baking -  to make a bundt cake without using a bundt pan.

If I only didn't use that word! It kept resonating in my head - unorthodox!! Is it in accordance with the rules of the baking group? Or is it not?
Fortunately you can swing backwards and forewords in your indecisiveness for only so long. I gave up! Is the third time always lucky?

How do you easily, without trying to be too clever turn an ordinary cake into something a bit special? Simple!You choose the cutest little bundt pan you possibly can. Third time is lucky:)

Cranberry Lemon Bundt Cake

3 eggs
100 g brown sugar
100 g flour
80 ml oil
2 tbsp double cream
1 lemon 
100 g dried cranberries 

Beat the eggs with sugar until fluffy and light, then slowly add the oil and the flour, mix to combine, add half of the lemon juice, zest and cranberries.
Preheat the oven to 180C/350F for about 20 minutes, or until golden brown in colour.
Leave it to cool for few minutes then invert onto a cooling rack. 
To make lemon glaze, squeeze the other half of the lemon and mix with few spoons of icing sugar. How much of icing sugar you use will depend on your desired thickness. Start with 3 spoons, mix them to a smooth consistency, then keep adding if you are aiming for a thicker glaze.

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