Ligurian Pasta Coins

Corzetti are discs of pasta that usually bear an emblem of the house or restaurant where they are made and are the prettiest thing ever. I have had them on my radar for some time  and was thinking of trying to get them from Italy, but then I realised not only that they are meant to be personalised, but that making my own would be much more interesting. I gathered everything from the kitchen (and not only the kitchen) I thought could be fit for a purpose and the clear winners were small wooden cut-outs I bought just in case I need them who knows when. My OCD habit to collect and neatly place "useless" objects in small boxes clearly comes handy from time to time, despite my husbands opinion that, that collectors gene passed to me by my grandfather will turn me into a hoarder.

So there, I made my own little cupcakes, coffee cups and teapot Corzetti by attaching the cut outs to an old cookie stamp, then used a round 5 cm cookie cutter to take them out.


300 g pasta flour (Italian 00 grade)
2 eggs
70 ml white wine

If you are not using mixing machine, make a well in the centre of the flour and add the eggs, start mixing and slowly adding the wine, until you get a soft pliable dough. Wrap it in clingfilm and leave to rest for half an hour.
Dust the work surface, flour the dough and the rolling pin and make sure the pasta is not too wet. Roll out the pasta to a thickness of 1 mm, thin enough to see your fingers through it.  Stamp it, or emboss it , cut it out and place it on a large floured tray in a single layer. Let them dry a bit and either cook straight away, or when well dried put in a sealed bag for safe keeping.

Here is a cooking suggestion - one my favourite simple pasta sauces:

400 ml single cream
50 g pine-nuts
2 tbsp chopped parsley
20 g butter
20 gr grated Pecorino cheese ( some extra for serving)

Cook the pasta in plenty of salted boiling water for about 10 minutes.
Meanwhile, make the sauce by gently heating together all the ingredients until the cheese melts into the cream, season and add the drained pasta. Mix and serve immediately with some extra grated cheese and pepper on the top.

Adapted from the Italian Cookery Course by Katie Caldesi

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  1. Mnogo su medeni, posebno oni sa printom cajnika, vec sam ih zamislila u nekom finom cokoladnom sosu.:)))

  2. Hvala Petra:)
    @Lana, nije mi palo na pamet da idu sa slatkim sosos - divna ideja:)

  3. Baš su ti super ovi pečatići, najviše mi se sviđa cupcake

  4. Do sada sam ovakve pecate zaobilazila; e sad moram i ja da ih nabavim. Hvala Jelena, to mi bas i nije trebalo ;-)
    A pasta sa vinom se mora isprobati!

  5. It looks great and interesting!! Didn't know about this kind of pasta. I think that your DIY corzetti are beautiful :)

  6. Time consuming a bit, but it was really worth it . Thanks all for stopping by:))

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Na tvom blogu su zaista jedinstvene stvari. Prvi put vidim pastu u ovakvom obliku i deluje mi bas medeno.

  8. Jos jedna u nizu lepih i novih stvarih. Nisam videla nista slicno, moram priznati. Bas mi se dopada. Pozdravcek ;)

  9. Jelena, I just found your blog through Jenni aka "A Gingered Whisk" and fell in love with the cake you submitted to Daring Bakers.
    Here I come and find two recipes that are close to my heart, having lived one year in Genoa and having been married to a man from this beautiful city.
    Thank you for these beautiful recipes :)
    Have a lovely evening

  10. Hi Lou, I however have known about your blog for some time, through Sourdough surprises, which I was a part only briefly, because my starter has gone off! Thank for stopping by :)