An Old Serbian Open Pie


"Acak Pita"

This month as a part of a cooking challenge (Patin petnaestibased on one of the oldest and most popular ever Serbian cookbooks - Big National Cookbook (Veliki narodni kuvar) by Spasenija Pata Markovic and initiated by Milkica from Mimi's Kingdom we were baking an open pie made with one of the oldest and almost forgotten #katmer pastry. 
Although the processes of making the pastry could sound a bit complicated, it's really easy and not very time consuming as it might seem. As a reward for a small amount of effort, you will get a rustic, layered,  kind of flakey(if rolled really thin) inside and crusty outside pie pastry using the filling of your choice. I made it with leeks, yoghurt , eggs and dill.

An old Serbian Open Pie
 "Acak Pita"

500 g flour
350 ml warm watre
1 stp salt
2 tbsp melted lard

1 leek
400- 450 g crème fraiche
4 eggs

Combine all the ingredients to make the dough, leave it to rest for 10 minutes, then roll it out and following the picture guidance below. Cut the dough towards the centre 6-7 times, leaving the centre out. Spread the melted lard all over it and turn each segment individually in to the middle to create a sort of mound as shown in the second picture. Leave to rest for a few minutes, then roll it out to be bigger than the size of the baking dish that you are using. Place it over the greased baking dish and fill.
You can make a few small ones or one big 25 cm round pie.
For filling, sauté the finely chopped leek until tender, add some salt and pepper to taste, leave it to cool down and mix with beaten eggs, chopped fresh dill and crème fraiche. Use the hanging ends of the dough to cover the filling, by making pleating motion but leave the centre open. 
Bake in the preheated oven on 180C /350F for about 40 minutes.

My attempt to make decoration in the middle didn't work out as I imagined it to be, as half of it sank into the filling -  it was that irresistible, it had to dip in!!

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