Sourdough Croissants


Sourdough Surprise October 2014 

Don't you just know when you have a great recipe in front you?
 I was a bit reluctant to take a part in this months Sourdough Surprise challenge because I never made croissants before and to jump over that, one very important step, and go straight into attempting to make a sourdough version of it, seemed like a bite that I wouldn't be able to chew without choking. But I did, thanks to the devotion of TXFarmer to make perfect home- made croissants!

I followed the recipe to the dot and  if I only was able to keep the the room temperature a bit better, I would have ended up with crumbs to be very proud of. But, I am not complaining. Two days ago I thought that I even shouldn't be trying to make the sourdough croissants yet.
It makes you wonder - how many more things you keep yourself from doing because you think you are not ready for it?

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