Lemon and Yoghurt Pan-cake


I just woke up with the idea of making a pancake cake, which was very odd, since I never liked them. These type of cakes were in fashion decades ago and I always thought of them as ruined pancakes. What possessed me, I have no idea, but I am glad it did.  It's not that I wanted to make any pancake cake, I had a specific cake in mind that I saw in the food addition in one of my magazines a few weeks ago.

Apparently your taste for food changes as you get older. Well, mine certainly has, as I never liked lemon pancakes either. I followed the urge I woke up with and I certainly didn't regret it. The cake was left in a fridge overnight and the following day we had a perfect, cold dessert, right on time to refresh us on rarely warm days in London.

Lemon and Yoghurt Pan-cake

20 to 25 thin pancakes not bigger then 18 cm in diameter
When making the batter, add one spoon of vanilla sugar and zest of 1 lemon then leave it to rest  for at least half an hour.

350ml double cream
3 sachets vanilla sugar or 1 spoon of essence
300ml thick natural yoghurt
1 lemon

For syrup:
1 lemon
100g sugar
2 spoons water

Make pancakes and leave to cool.  Set 4 aside for the decoration.

Beat the cream until very stiff with vanilla sugar, add the yoghurt then the lemon juice. Stir until well combined. Spread generously on each cold pancake and place them on the top of each other. Take the pancakes you set aside and cut 3 of them in half. Use a little bit of filling to spread in thin layer all over the cake. Now wrap your halved pancakes cut side down around the cake, making sure that the halves overlap slightly. Place the remaining pancake on the top.  
To make the syrup sprinkle the sugar over thinly sliced lemon and top with couple of spoons of water. Cook it over low heat until sugar dissolves. Leave it to cool then slowly pour over the cake, arrange the lemon slices on the top. 

The cake could be served immediately, I just think that the yoghurt-lemon-double cream combination tastes better cold. 

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