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I've got a present from the Nederlands. It's a thin waffle maker, which I was keen to get since I tried the Stroopwafel while visiting Amsterdam last year. And I made the famous wafels straight away, but they didn't live long enough to tell the story. Same old story repeated, I take few pictures at night they don't turn out well, I decide to do it in the morning, but as usual - my secret stash was discovered overnight and by the time the Sun came out the following morning, all I had to photograph were ice cream cones. So instead of having a supporting role in this post, the waffle cones became the main actors. Since I wasn't prepared for that, and as some of you who actually read my posts from time to time, already know - I don't eat nor make  the ice cream, I will provide you with a recipe from a very reliable source.

As for the cones, they are very easy and quick to make, even if you don't have a waffle maker, use your pancake pan instead. With the waffle maker, or without it, make sure that you are satisfied with the thickness of the batter, some makers are very shallow, while others give you thicker cones, adjust it to your liking by adding milk slowly and by making one or two cones to test it.

Waffle Cones

85 g flour
1/4 tsp salt
2 large eggs
100 g sugar
56 g melted and cooled butter
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
60 ml milk

Preheat the waffle-cone maker, or your pancake pan.
Mix the flour and salt, then in a separate bowl, whisk together the eggs and sugar until pale and fluffy, add the flour mixture, stir to combine, then pour the butter, vanilla and milk. Make sure that all ingrediants are well incorporated.
Using offset spatula, spread about 60ml (1/4 cup) of the batter evenly over the hot surface. It takes about 2 minutes for each waffle to be ready in the waffle maker. When using a pan,  a minute or so for each side would be enough.
When waffle is done, quickly remove it from the heath,and immediately roll it into a cone shape ( there is a cone shaped tool with waffle maker) and place to cool down. You can also use your rolling pin and up side down turn glass to make a shape of cigar or a basket.
This measure is enough to make 10 cones .

To make the ice cream I recommend my friend Lana's recipe - Mixed berries ice cream

You will need : 200 g berries, 200 ml natural pouring yoghurt, 150-200g sugar, 200 ml double cream (or crème fresh)
Mix the berries into purée, add sugar, then yoghurt. Mix the double cream and combine with the berries mixture. Put into a container, until frozen. Before it freezes completely it can be used as a cold crème in addition to the cakes.

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  1. Recept za kornete moram isprobati i to što pre! To mi je već odavno želja. Baš danas mi je došao aparat za sladoled o kom maštam već duže vreme i sad sam spremna za leto! :)

  2. Imam jos jedan video recept koji nisam probala, slican ovome, ali bez masine sa jako dobrog bloga:
    Uzivaj u pravljenju sladoleda, ja cu ti kopirati recepte jer moji ga obozavaju:))

  3. Nadam se da je ostao jos neki kornetic za probu?:) Pre nekog vremena sam pokusala da napravim nesto slicno, samo sto su kornetici na kraju vise licili na keksice, pa smo ih poruckali uz caj... mozda im dam drugu sansu uz tvoj receptic.:) p.s.nadam se da se uklucanima dopao sladoled i da si bar malkice probala, hihihi... hvala puno na linku.:) cmook...

  4. Nista ovde ne ostaje, a sladoled je super, valjda zato sto i jeste nesto izmedju pa je po mom ukusu..Jedino sto bih ti rekla ako probas da vodfis racuna o temperaturi jel mislim da igra vaznu ulogu :))))