Swiss Triangle Bread


Hello Sourdough!

I am really not too keen on club cards and memberships. In fact, the only membership card I've got is the library one - and the only (and unofficial) club I wanted to join was the sourdough owner's one. Well, I am in - finally! Sourdough and I were in disagreement for such a long time. It was going on for so long that I got frustrated and proclaimed it to be my biggest kitchen nemesis. No wonder it refused to work with me. I tried every trick in the book, took so many tips, watched so many videos and on reflection, probably tried a tad too hard and had been a bit too impatient and pushy. I should have remembered that the simplest way is always the best, as it was - when I came across the recipe from Thekitchn I knew instantly that it was going to work. Five days later, I made my first sourdough bread, no, not this one, that one along with the first batch of this bread and the photo instructions was amongst my lost pictures. 

Why and how I knew that it was going to work? I think I realised what I was doing wrong, or rather not doing at all - too vigorously beating the mixture every time I fed it and while i was using equal parts of water and flour before, this recipe required 2  more spoons of flour than water, which for me made sense, since I always thought that my starter was to runny.That was almost a month ago, as I didn't want to brag about it before I made sure that I will be able to keep it alive - so far so good - let's not jinx it! Made few good bakes with it - buns, fougassa, grissini  and  they are all coming soon! 
 Back to this bread, when I saw the picture for the first time, I was so intrigued to figure out how it's formed - and to my surprise it's so simple and obvious even from that small picture on the blog where I found recipe.
I used it as a guide line only, as it requires biga style starter, rather then the sourdough. 
Since I forgot to take pictures this time, I'll try to be very descriptive, and hopefully my description combined with the linked picture will make it clear enough to follow.   

Swiss Triangle Bread

150g sourdough starter* room temperature
Main dough:
170 g flour
80g water
1tsp malt extract
2 gr fresh yeast
1 tsp salt

*If you don't have a sourdough starter, mix 75 g water with 75 gr flour and 0.5 g fresh yeast;leave it at the room temperature for couple of hours, then refrigerate for about 8 hours (overnight) bring  it out to a room temperature for  2-3 hours and it's ready to use then.

Combine all the ingredients for the main dough with the starter ( dissolve the yeast in warm water first if not using fast action) and knead into a smooth dough; leave it to rest for half an hour, knead again, let it rest for 15 minutes, then form a ball, and give it slightly triangle shape. using your rolling pin, roll out the corners of the triangle thinly, not too long, just enough to flip them back onto the top of the ball. Before folding the tips  back, brush them with oil . Let the dough rise for at least one hour, then bake on 240C/464F/gas 8 in a  preheated oven for about 23 to 40 minutes.
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