Sunshine Corn Bread


Homage to friendship 

It's been awhile since my last post; I have been busy travelling back to Serbia and enjoying myself by spending time with people dear to me, my parents and my friends, old and new. I recently made a friendship, first on-line, then in person, with a fellow blogger and she agreed to be a guest on these pages soon, so you will be able to meet this beautifully humble, creative person through her work.

 Yeah, you worked it out - today's post is about friendship, and it's dedicated to a very special person in my life.

My best friend and I met in the sixth grade. Years saw us being inseparable through secondary school, doing the same course at the university, sharing a flat for 4 years, graduating together, working for the same company for awhile, having children within a space of couple of months of each other... Although we could not be more different in so many ways, half the town wasn't able to tell us apart.
Years have also seen us living in different countries... for the last 15 years, but whenever I go back to visit and we take a walk down the high street, semi-familiar faces smile at us as they are saying "Oh, I remember you two"

X years ago after we'd had a few glasses of wine

Two, little black ships that were swimming against the stream, refusing to bow down to the traditional rules of a small sleepy town, had big dreams and great ambitious and even greater expectations. Some came through, many didn't. All I know is that cooking was not in the proximity; we used to think that we were made to change the world (and we have a degree in Politics and Journalism to prove it), not to wash dirty dishes.We both, still hate dishes, although the dishwasher is doing the main part of the job nowadays and she is still not keen on cooking either (admittedly, she does it for the sake of her son and I am not sure whether Jamie Oliver's 30 minutes meals I brought her as a present would make cooking a bit more appealing to her, but I am certain that her son will appreciate it); science and education remained her biggest love and she is in a final stage of completing her Phd studies.
My life took a few turns since our student days and I am happy that my baking gene, which was so unpopular and so not desirable in the 'modern' world back then, was slowly released from its hidden corner of my being and found a way out to the surface to see the World.
Alongside with my daughter, she is the biggest supporter of my baking adventure and in addition to a Serbian written book that I get as a go away present every time we see each other, she now buys me a spatula, a rolling pin, a baking mould .. like this sunshine shaped one. Ideal for baking Serbian Corn bread alias "Proja".
So here is to us, who did not change the World the way we hoped, but if nothing else, made it slightly better place by being heartily devoted to our friendship and foolishly enthusiastic even in our fifties (and just for the record  it's the early, very early fifties).    

Sunshine Corn Bread
Alias "Proja"

I never measure ingredients for this bread, just use a coffee cup that takes about 100 gr of flour (3/4 of a cup).
3 coffee cups flour
3 coffee cups corn meal (palenta)
3 large eggs
2 coffee cups milk
2 coffee cups oil
1 tsp salt
2 tsp baking powder
100g crumbled feta cheese

Preheat the oven to 180C.
Mix all dry ingredients, then combine with the liquids and beaten eggs, add the crumbled cheese at the end, and bake as a tray bake, in a mould of your choice or in muffin tray (enough for 12 small muffins).
Bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until golden brown. Leave it to cool for few minutes, then serve hot or at a room temperature. 
Wrap any leftovers into a cling foil.
Suggestions: you can replace cheese, or add to it some sesame seeds, spinach, panceta.. ..

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