Retro peanuts and chocolate squares


Inspired by "Bajadera"

Many moons ago Bajadera, one of Croatia's best and probably oldest brands was widely available and  -although it was somewhat luxurious - a pretty affordable treat and I still like to go down that edible memory lane every time I get a chance, which is not very often. Maybe that is why I got excited when I, while going through my mum's old newspaper cut outs, found a recipe that resembles that elegant and very special dessert. The original recipe contains hazelnuts and a different type of  biscuits. You can make it your own, but I think that many of you who decide to give it a go, will be a bit impressed, if nothing, for the fact that something so easy and quick to make with few ingredients and without any baking involved tastes so good. 

Retro Peanuts and Chocolate Squares

400 g sugar
250 g butter
320 g ground biscuits (Petit beurre)
100 g corn flour
100 g ground roast peanuts
100 g chocolate

Mix ground biscuits, corn flour and ground peanuts and set aside.
Make a sugar syrup with 20 tbsp of water and sugar, let it boil for five minutes, then take off the heat, add butter and stir to dissolve. When well combined, put the mixed dry ingredients and divide into halves. Add melted chocolate to one and mix well.
Line a mould with cling film and spread half of the chocolate mixture evenly, then put a light coloured layer, spread evenly and top it with the rest of the chocolate layer. You can wait for the middle part to set if you wish to achieve even and straight layers, otherwise let the chocolate on the top sink into the middle part and create "waves".
Cover with cling film and refrigerate.
Finish with a chocolate glaze if you wish. I preferred this retro, rough look with some chopped peanuts on the top..

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