Rustic apple cake


The rain finally stopped on Saturday. It was long overdue. After days, even weeks of rain, constant grey skies, storms and thunderstorms, (not to mention the danger of getting hurt as the wind was occasionally so strong that the threes were coming down and the roof tiles were flying around) I lost the desire to leave the house. The floods at the other side of London got worse, and I started listening to the weather forecast after a long time. The wind is still very strong, and  the long bridges over the Thames are more or less constantly closed. Officially the most depressing day of the year was the 20 of January; if they only knew what was coming, they wouldn't have rushed to announce the day of this year's greatest depression.
My mood of being reluctant to leave the house and to get out, out of necessity only finally disappeared on Sunday as the Sun came out, and I just felt the urge to walk around and to absorb the warmth and the light for hours.

The Park was surprisingly empty; over the past couple of months, I almost forgot how beautiful it..

and its wild life could be..

But the Sunday Farmer's market came alive. I was a bit sad not be able to find some of my usual favourites (amazing jam and chutney stall), but then discovered a new cheese seller; well, they are not new, as it turned out, but new to me, and I will tell about it in one of the future posts. I went to the market to buy the juicy, crispy and sweet Cox apples, but was too late, there were sold out, so I got couple of  Royal Gala (teehee, my daughters name!... Gala... not royal...) apples for the cake I realised I could  make instead, as I had some apple compote in the fridge.

But not before we went to the nearby charming French Boulangerie for our regular after the market treat - caffe macchiato with almond croissant on side. I was there a few days ago with my friend Chryssanthi and left a message for the owner to get in touch when he comes back from a holiday, as I am hoping to convince him to be a guest on these pages. 
It was Chrissanthi's mums recipe for an apple meringue cake that I was really keen to make with the Cox apples; it will have to wait now - until the next market, or until we have a desire for an apple cake again. 
Between walking in the park, shopping and chilling out on the Sun, I didn't realise what the time was...

 When you are relaxed and enjoy yourself, as we all know all to well, time tends to fly ....and the first street lights were a reminder that we should be heading home. I promised an apple cake for tonight and my hungry troops would not let me forget. They were promised a cake and they are getting a cake right in time for dinner.  

Rustic apple cake

150ml natural yoghurt
15g golden syrup
250g flour
230g sugar
7 gr baking powder
2 tsp vanilla sugar
dash of cinnamon
80 ml oil
3 large eggs
pinch of salt

For the compote and topping
2 red skin apples
600 ml water
200g sugar
juice of 1 lemon

Round spring-form  26 or 28 cm in diametar
Oven temperature 180 C/360 F/gas mark 4

To make the compote bring the water, sugar and lemon juice to boil, then drop slices of cored, then thinly cut apples. Simmer for few minutes, then take the apples out onto a  cloth to drain and absorb the excess liquid.
Turn the oven on. Cut one apple into 1 cm cubes and squeeze a bit of lemon juice over. Separate the eggs and whisk the egg whites with a half of the sugar, yolks with the other half. Combine flour with baking powder, salt and cinnamon. By hand,in a large bowl, now combine the apple with yoghurt and honey, add whisked egg yolks, oil, then add the flour mixture. When well mixed, slowly add the egg whites. Pour the mixture into a greased spring form, shake the pan to level the batter up, then put together 4-5 slices of compote apple slices to make flowers. Arrange them on the top of the cake. I made 9, one in centre, and around the edges. do not be tempted to push them deep into the batter, as they will disappear as the cake rises. Just press them gently to secure the shape.
Bake for 30 to 35 minutes, let it to completely cool down on a wire rack, then generously dust the  icing sugar over. Covered, the cake stays moist for few days.

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