Winter Pansies


The Autumn weather has been pretty kind to us this year and we are still surrounded by the warm October tones of red, amber, orange and yellow. But they are fading away and fading quickly; the clock has gone to the winter time already and before we know it, we will be left with the very short almost Sun-less London days with hundreds shades of grey. 
Sorry, I didn't  mean to make you depressed; on the contrary, I am hoping to give you an idea how to bring some colour into those grey days ahead of us. Winter pansies! Make sure that they get a big come back this winter. They are everywhere at the moment, but most of them not edible unfortunately, as they come form the nurseries, garden centres, or florists. So head to the nearest food market and get some, crystallize and store them, or buy a pot of organically grown to bestow yourself with a hint of spring in January. 

Press them onto your half done pancake...

spread with your favourite filling and roll them up, making pansy be a centre piece..

Profiteroles look much prettier in lilac. Fill them with whipping cream and top with the icing made of few drops of lemon or water mixed with icing sugar and and hit of purple gel food colouring. Mix until combined. Always put the sugar first and then keep adding liquid, drop by drop , mixing in between until you reach the wanted consistency.

And if you prefer the yellow and the snowy look, make good old cream puffs.

If you haven't tried this recipe for choux pastry with equal amounts of the ingredients, try it and notice the difference. Just make sure that they are baked to a golden brown colour to maintain crispiness for a few days.

Pinch of salt
100 g butter
100 ml milk
100 ml water
100 gr flour
4 eggs

And I remember Miss Stewart making pansy cookies many years ago. I should go and revisit the page before I run out of pansies.

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