Made up dessert


 It's not that I have anything against cupcakes, I just don't make them very often.  But I was really keen to make Peggy Porshsen's banoffee cupcakes. The recipe was so promising and they looked incredible, just like everything else in her book and window display.

This is the result, which I was not thrilled about, but I will write about it when I go back through the process  and make the necessary adjustments. The point is that I ended up with quite a lot of cake leftovers, as the cupcakes have a filling in the middle and a substantial  amount of the cakes was scooped out. After I satisfied my craving for this delicious cake, nicely scooped balls just needed to be used and arranged into a dessert with its own right.

At the time I scooped the middle part out, the cupcakes were already soaked in a sugar syrup and
for this recipe it took 150 g sugar, 150 ml water, boiled until all the sugar dissolved. If you are using a different  recipe that does not require soaking, make a bit less of syrup just using the equal amount of sugar and water. If you are going to dip them, do it very quickly, in and out, otherwise, brush them or pour a little bit of the warm syrup over and set aside.
The next step - raid your fridge and cupboards. I found delicious Dulce de leche I recently brought back from Spain (I fell in love with Spanish milk and diary products), chocolate chips, double cream, cherry compote and vanilla ice-cream. Could of easily use it all, but because the Dulce de leche was so good,  and that the scoops contained banana pure I was quite happy to settle for it and few chocolate drops on the top. 

A bite later my baking disaster became a big baking success!!

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  1. Jako volim ovakve događaje u kuhinji... Ono, kreneš nešto da spremaš, naravno, slepo sledeći recept, a završiš sa ko zna čim i to bude deset puta bolje nego ono što s' receptom. Iskreno, meni su ove kuglice, da ih tako nazovem, fantstične, još kada sam shvatila da su sa španskim slatkim mlekom, joooj.... Mmmm, uživaj! Meni se ovo jako dopada.

    1. Da, ja sam se ranije strasno nervirala kad nesto ne uspe, sad mi je to cak zanimljivo, nikad ne znas sta ce od toga ispasti. Pozz:)

  2. Ovo je prava šećerna bomba. Ne brini jako puno super stvari je nastalo baš iz nekog neuspješnog pokušaja.

  3. Mislim da bi sa prvo nestale te bombice sa karamelom, a onda bih sa uzivanjem smazala i jedan cupcake.:))