The Roll


My generation and many, many more generations of ex-Yugoslavian children grew up eating and loving "Plazma" biscuits. It was considered to be baby food, but it was and still is a guilty pleasure of grown-ups. It has probably changed  slightly over the decades but no one's realised, nor cared. It's part of our happy memories, school trips, birthday parties, snack times... It's almost a national treasure, and it's probably still the biggest Serbian brand.  It's listed in the "Lexicon of YU Mythology".  

So, as you can imagine, hundreds of recipes were created just to incorporate "Plazma". This one has "Plazma in the main roll. Literally. 
The biscuits are nowadays available in most Turkish and Eastern European food shops and on-line, but there is a recipe for a home made version that I am very fond of and that I will post soon (they are ready for photographing, hopefully tomorrow on a beautiful sunny morning)  

The Roll

or No. One - No Bake Roll

250 gr ground "Plazma" biscuits (bought, home-made, or try any dry biscuits you like)
100 gr icing sugar
100 gr ground walnuts
100 ml strong coffee

For the cream
100 gr butter
100 gr icing sugar
6 gr cocoa

Combine the dry ingredients (ground biscuits, icing sugar and ground walnuts) together and  then mix it with strong brewed, warm coffee to get a smooth paste. Roll it out into 0,5 cm thick, around 25 cm  by 35 cm rectangular.
Mix the butter with the icing sugar and cocoa and spread it over the rolled biscuit mixture. Roll it up together and place in a refrigerator for a couple of hours.

Cut into thin slices so it can last longer!

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  1. Rolatic koji smo svi voleli, uvek me nekako podseti na detinjstvo...svidjaju mi se orasi u tvojoj verziji, mi smo koricu pravili samo sa keksom, a fil je bio zuti sa pasiranim kuvanim zumancetom... a najlepse prija kad se gricka tako polurashladjen uz soljicu kafe.:)

  2. I got so excited when I saw your photo on tastespotting. My grandmother made this roll quite often - she used chocolate and vanilla combination, and it was one of my favorite "sitni kolaci". As a matter of fact I was planning on writing about it on my blog... Great post.

    1. I remember that as well, this is a "modern version" of everyone's favourite "sitni kolaci". I am so glad you recognised it. Going to your blog straight away