Mawa cake


and  Bolinhas de Coco for the Daring Bakers challenge

 Part of the charm of being a Daring Baker is being thrown out of your baking comfort zone to a certain extent. This month's challenge, set by My Diverse Kitchen, to make mawa and Bolinhas de Coco brought that blind walk to the extreme. It's not that the challenge was difficult per se, it's just that I've personally never used the ingredients in that way before. Making mawa was particularly interesting. For example, I never thought that milk could be used that way and I can safely say that I was pleasantly surprised by the flavour the milk produced in the cake.

Even though both recipes used cardamom, I completely omitted it in the mawa cake but did use a modest amount when I made the biscuits. The scent is overpowering and I didn't want to go over the top; it's better to get used to the taste first, and then decide whether I actually wanted to use the prescribed amount. With or without the spice, the biscuits were delicious with a great texture.

Both recipes can be found by clicking on the above link!

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