Dutch pancake


or "my debut visit to Amsterdam"

I'm about to spend the next 3 days in a city built on more than 90 islands- a place of flowers, listed buildings, canals and houseboats and half a million bicycles... Windmills, raw herrings, clogs, a place that was once the  home of Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Anne Frank, a mecca for hippies and squatters from all over the world, famous for its coffee-shops  and the Red Light District, the capital of gay marriage and snack culture, a city with no curtains and with probably more labels attached to it than I care to count. Some call it the city of controversy, others the place of diversity.  I'll tell you what I think when I come back. In the meanwhile, whilst getting ready for the trip, I have read various posts and articles, a guide book or two and then did what I always do when visiting a place for the first time; I disregarded everything apart from any useful information that will help me make my way around the town. And then, of course, yes, I made THE pancakes- puffy Dutch pancakes. They have been all over baking blogs recently, so I decided to give them a try and then compare them with the "real thing".

A few pancakes later, I must tell you that "the real thing" needs to be something really special to beat this.
It's a modish looking combination of choux pastry, Yorkshire pudding and  the old fashion pancake - it can be eaten with cream and raspberries, strawberries, lemons, sugar, honey, pretty much any way that you like it.
You will however, need a 6" or any other small round, deep, oven safe dish.

35 g plain flour
1 large egg
65 ml milk
1/2 tsp sugar
pinch of salt (10 g)

Preheat the oven to 200 C/390 f and place your dish inside. Mix the dry ingredients, add egg, mix to combine, then slowly add the milk.  When the skillet is piping hot, put a knob of butter to melt then quickly pour the batter. Close the oven door and bake for 20 to 25 minutes. Serve hot.
This recipe was adapted from here.

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  1. I invited you to participate in a game :)

  2. Uzivaj, lepo se provedi, isprobaj neke fine receptice i napravi puuuno lepih fotkica... cekamo utiske kad se vratis, a dotle cemo grickati ove pomalo neobicne ali verujem vrlo ukusne palacinke.:))

  3. Moram ovo probati... Moram... Viđala sam već recepte, ali nikako da dodje na red...

  4. Kakav predivan opis mog grada! Amsterdam je sve to i mnogo sta jos, ali pre svega grad gde se svako oseca dobrodosao. Vidjala sam po raznim blogovima recepte za holandske palacinke, koje se iskreno receno, ne razlikuju mnogo od nasih palacinki, osim sto su malo deblje jer se ne prave sa kiselom vodom. Medjutim, ove palacinke nisu zastitni znak Holandije kao sto su npr. poffertjes - mini palacinkice koje se jedu sa puterom i secerom u prahu. Poffertjes su za Holandiju ono sto su vafli za Belgiju. A ova tvoja palacinka izgleda fenomenalno!