Strawberry popsicle


Judge me as much as you want - I thought that I would never say this - but 30 C˚ in London, no! Too much. And this is me talking, a heliopheliac who comes form a country with extreme weather conditions, minus 20 C˚ in Winter, plus 40 C˚ in Summer. The temperature in  London should not be allowed to go over 25 C˚, period; it makes me not only bake and eat, but immensely enjoy all sorts of frozen foods which (I am already regretting saying this) I don't even like, like ice cream and sorbet and popsicles, amongst others...

 But they are healthy, refreshing, easy to make, not to mention the fun you can have photographing them. The only special requirement  you will need are these little plastic moulds; get them from almost any shop for a pound or two (more expensive versions go for up to £10) For this strawberry popsicle you will need:

 4 cups of fresh strawberries ( smell them before you buy, do not go for that giant superficial ones that most of the supermarkets sell, go for small locally grown that you cam smell from a mile away)
1/4 cup of sugar, or neutral tasted honey
3 tablespoons of lemon juice
few fresh mint leaves (to suit your taste)
1/2 cup of water

Blend together; it must not be too runny; pour into the moulds and freeze for a couple of hours.

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