Pâte brisée cookies


I can hear you saying: " It's only a shortcrust pastry!" I know, but if you think about it, shortcrust sounds so plain and boring, and these cookies are everything but that. The basic dough is before it goes in the oven, dabbed with butter and sprinkled with a topping of your choice. I used cinnamon-sugar and salted butter caramel flavoured sugar and had great time weaving them into a shape, for which the illustrated process is here.

 The idea behind this is to use up scraps of dough after making a pie. In my case it was other way round. I made the dough, so I can make the cookies, and from the leftovers I baked individual  "free style" blueberry and cream cheese pies, which I'll post tomorrow.

350 gr plain flour
225 gr cold diced butter
teaspoon sugar
teaspoon salt
120 ml cold water

Blend the dry ingredients, add the pieces of butter and pulse it until you get a sand like consistency. Then bit by bit add water, to get a dough that just holds together, it must not be too wet.  Divide into two equal pieces, wrap them into a cling film and refrigerate for at least 60 minutes. Put some music on and roll the chilled dough into 3 cm thick squares between two sheets of baking paper. Cut them into strips and wave into shape. Cut the cookies, spread a small knob of butter on each one, sprinkle and bake on 170-180 C for about 10 minutes.  
Make a cup of coffee and  dunk it.

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