Rice pudding for rainy days


It was rainy and cold, I was having a clumsy day. Everything I touched fell apart or broke, and that  "I should have stayed in bed" feeling followed me everywhere. And although my favourite mug says that when life gets you down you should bake a cake, I didn't feel brave enough for this adventure.  Making this chocolate rice pudding, adapted from Heavenly chocolate desserts, needed just about the right amount of effort I was able to give:

1 tbs unsweetened cocoa powder
100 g sugar
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1 l milk
150 g risotto rice ( I used Arborio)
100 g dark chocolate
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar

Boil rice in a little bit of water, until the water is almost completely absorbed and pour the milk over and  bring to it almost boiling point. Turn the heat down and simmer, stirring occasional just to make sure that it does not burn and stick to the bottom of a pan.
 When it becomes thicker add the sugar and vanilla sugar, then stir.
It should take about 20 minutes for the rice to become tender and get the creamy consistency
 When almost done, add the cocoa and cinnamon powder that was previously dissolved in a little bit of milk and stir well to incorporate.
Spoon into 4 small glasses or bowls and eat with cinnamon stick.


add candid orange peel instead of vanilla sugar
serve with pouting cream

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